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Playful Design Trends

    Thursday, 22 September 2016 09:48  Trends
Playful Design Trends Playful Design Trends

Why so serious?… We explore playful design trends In today's world of political and economic uncertainty we begin to search out ways of creating an interior space that counteracts this negativity. Let's explore an emerging design trend called 'Play'. It's a trend that expresses energetic humour; it boasts an array of colourful creativity and symbolises a new optimistic attitude towards design and lifestyle possibilities. This trend is about a yearning for freedom, a longing for community and to build a more sharing society. It embraces a desire for life to simply be… more fun! Its attitude is rule breaking, it's not afraid to be re-inventive, humorous, playful (escape from the world's serious issues), interactive, engaging and positively upbeat. In design terms this trend is about a collaboration of the synthetic and the shiny, it is wildly coloured with mismatched surface textures and materials. Shapes are bold, playful and humorous proudly displaying exaggerated volumes and curvaceous features. In particular this trend encourages product customisation; allowing the consumer to become the designer.

The rebirth of geometric has inspired pattern design.

The rebirth of geometric has inspired pattern design; think colour blocks, tessellated shapes and mismatched lively prints which continue to support this strong and energetic scheme. We also see the reemergence of the '80s Memphis Group, (the Memphis Movement was an Italian group of designers and architects that were founded in Milan in 1981 and continued to 1987. They drew inspiration from art deco, pop art, 1950's kitsch and futurism). Wallpaper by Sian Elin (pictured below) has a playful, graphic and powerful spirit. It mirrors our modern day aspirations towards our lifestyle evolution and its transformation. The 'Play' trend exhibits a vivid colour palette that generates a dynamic impact. The plastic pop brights are brought in to liven up basic interior schemes. You can embrace these pops of colour through our customisable colour switch plates and sockets, create contrasting features or match to the wall colour for a seamless finish. Our Prism clear plates make switches almost disappear, use with bold wallpapers for the perfect finish. There is no limit on being fashionable and fun… add some personality and character to your interior design scheme through bold uses of colour, vibrant graphic prints and a mix of delightfully tactile surface textures and materials!


Paintable switchplates

Sian Elin wallpaper

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