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Make your switches almost disappear with our clear plate Prism. This is a high quality accessory that sits discreetly in an interior. 
  • Flat plate acrylic
  • Bevelled and flame polished edge
  • Secondary fix
  • Slotted screws
  • Supplied with a template for fitting
  • Rotary dimmer, toggle and push button grid switches feature screwless plates as standard.

View our Focus SB Primed and Prism manufacturing processes in the short clip above. Discover more about us on Vimeo.


We recommend partnering primed (paintable) sockets with our clear Prism switch plates, featuring unique flame polished edges for discreet or decorative wallcovering solutions.

Our paintable plates are supplied with a white primer coating. Whilst some customers prefer to leave the primed coat as their final finish, this is designed to be lightly ‘keyed’ and painted on site to customer specification before final fitting.

Our paintable/primed finish is available in all our flat plate styles.

Discover all our finishes.

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