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Analogue Workshop Interiors Trend

    Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:43  Trends
Analogue Workshop Interiors Trend

We won't see too much of this trend in evidence until the Spring/Summer of this year, 2017. However, it is set to be a strong trend with wide appeal for the world of interiors, across many sectors including hospitality, workplace, residential and education.

Analogue Workshop is a 'Digital Detox' slowing things down, allowing us to appreciate earnt skills and going back to crafting basics.

We will find satisfaction in the 'basic', beauty in the ordinary, new value in simple pleasures and an admiration for those slowly-acquired-skills.


This is a visual interpretation of how the trend 'looks'. A very handcrafted look, clearly it references a craftsperson's workshop. The entire look gives the impression of product that is sturdy, reliable and that has been made to last.

Things are functional and robust, people will appreciate the beauty and precision of the small details and the well-engineered.

Analogue Workshop is a new take on Utilitarian design. The look is restrained, modest as well as being comfortable and simple.

The colour palette re-introduces us to to a range of low-key, every-day colours. A flat orange, denim blues, granite grey and cardboard browns.

"Analogue Workshop is a new take on Utilitarian design. The look is restrained, modest as well as being comfortable and simple."

The petrol blue/green will be a key colour, but we'll be able to appreciate the ordinariness of the complete palette.

Products showing a connection to simple basics, functional and utilitarian design aesthetics will suit this trend well.

Bold, essential and modest shapes that suggest a confident maker was involved. Product design that looks as if it was made by the loving hands of an experienced craftsman.

Materials that will feature in this trend are teak, blonde woods, cork, leather, brass inserts also have a place. The on-trend tone of brass will be pewter. All materials should have a handcrafted look and finish at the same time as looking like they were precisely made.

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