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Workplace Design: Digital Nomads

    Thursday, 09 February 2017 16:34  Trends
Workplace Design: Digital Nomads

We have identified creatives beginning to playfully look at mixing mobile and static qualities and making a more serious design commentary on the mass migrations and displacements of large groups of people around the world. The first significant examples of 'Nomadic Architecture', which results from the creative exploration mentioned above, were the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the stadia built was designed so that the building could 'move' once the games were finished to have a new life fulfilling a new purpose. For example, the Handball arena had the intent to be deconstructed and rebuilt to provide four schools and social housing.

During 2017/2018 followers of this trend will gravitate toward products whose design references the nomadic ways of life in the world.

A nomadic office landscape might be a place filled with semi-private hideaways and collaborative stop-off points. It encourages exercise, facilitates collaboration and provides constant opportunity to recharge though change.

The Nomadic workplace is about empowering people with choice of where, how and when to do their work and of course, who-with. A Digital-Nomad- Heaven. Far from wasting time, employees (especially the Millennials and Gen Z) would be encouraged to stay in work longer and do more because they will be effective and productive for longer. A workplace encouraging movement, is the one that will attract and retain these two generations; these two groups will dominate the workplace in terms of employee numbers by 2025 so they are worth consideration!


Materials play an important role in creating a sense of fun, change and travel to different locations. Disconnected materials in irrational pairings surprise and delight, which will stimulate people's creativity and motivation. Concrete with blonde woods, chipboard, cork and leather are all key, every day materials being appreciated in new ways. These combinations, even concrete mimicking product, also invite the use of plants.

The use of our bespoke and stock electrical accessories can assist the creation of a nomadic workplace in that they are almost invisible due to the variety of colours, finishes and textures they can be made with. This allows many more power sockets, light switches and IT access points to be used in one of two ways both of which blend perfectly with your interior scheme. A) They can be made in finishes that highlight their presence and accentuate a 'stop-off' work point or, B) They can be made almost invisible by matching wall and floor décor. We call this initiative 'Power to the People'!


Prism clear acrylic flat switchplate with polished brass rocker switch.

Focus SB Smoothie® flush mounted switchplate.

Ambassador Square satin stainless steel, with matching dimmer switches.