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What does it take to design and manufacture new products that no-one else can in the UK?

Published in Electrical
Monday, 18 April 2016 09:56

The Case for Paintable Metal Switch Plates

Specifying electrical accessories has become something of an art, with white holding its own as a strong colour choice for home interiors. The quest for the perfect white reflects the wide range of beautiful interior finishes on the market.

Published in Electrical
Thursday, 22 December 2016 14:58

Secondary Fix Sockets and Switches

The term 'secondary fix', or 'grid fix' will probably mean very little to most people when selecting switches, sockets and similar electrical accessories. Within the architectural, interior design, building services and consulting disciplines the term 'secondary-fix' and/or the description 'grid-fix' are normally used to indicate a more traditional method of designing, specifying, supplying, assembling and installing electrical switches, sockets and associated accessories for installation in residential and commercial applications.

Published in Electrical