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Founder and director of successful, multi-faceted avp Group, Jes Culley is driven by an unswerving passion to offer the ultimate in residential and commercial automation. With the client’s vision at the heart of every project, we discover what fires up Jes’s imagination, how he meets complex challenges, and what his plans are for avp Group over the next five years.

What does it take to design and manufacture new products that no-one else can in the UK?

Recent research by *WISE indicates that the UK is set to reach its goal of 1M women working in core STEM occupations in 2020. With the growing trend for more women than ever before working as professional engineers, we’re delighted to interview Georgina Cox, mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) assistant at Mace, and learn more about her chosen career, as well as her opinion about today’s construction industry.

With 2018 seeing HM Government's Year of Engineering initiative, aiming to inspire young people to join engineering professions, some of our employees have volunteered to share their experiences of working in mechanical engineering. First up, Derek Page, who's been with Focus SB for two years, and has worked in engineering for 40 years.

Specifying electrical accessories has become something of an art, with white holding its own as a strong colour choice for home interiors. The quest for the perfect white reflects the wide range of beautiful interior finishes on the market.

Complete your interior with matching electrical accessories. Interior designers and specifiers know that it is often the small details and the finishing touches that make the difference between a good interior and a great one.

How to make your switches & sockets disappear... almost. Switches and sockets no longer have to be eyesores; here are four ingenious Focus SB product options that allow you to camouflage your outlets.


​It all started when CEO Steve Noyes started his own custom install business where he became increasingly frustrated with the way new TVs had to be installed. With the rapid growth of HD and 3D TVs they have had a complete redesign and are now a lot slimmer and lighter. Noyes very quickly recognized that there was a problem when installing as the plug top and AV connections are now thicker than the products they are connecting. Steve was confident that he could find a way around this and make installations look neat and tidy. After a lot of designing and logical thinking he came up with the solution that the only way to combat this was to recess the power and AV terminals.

The term 'secondary fix', or 'grid fix' will probably mean very little to most people when selecting switches, sockets and similar electrical accessories. Within the architectural, interior design, building services and consulting disciplines the term 'secondary-fix' and/or the description 'grid-fix' are normally used to indicate a more traditional method of designing, specifying, supplying, assembling and installing electrical switches, sockets and associated accessories for installation in residential and commercial applications.

It was over a year ago that we published our popular article entitled 'Sockets with USB - all you need to know'. With a raft of USB sockets on the market, and forums filling up with questions, how do you know if what you're specifying or looking to purchase is the best option for your residential or hotel interior design project? If you're a mechanical and engineering (M&E) consultant, architect or interior designer tasked with sourcing switch-plates and USB sockets with matching finish, it can be a minefield to find the right manufacturer.

We discover what it takes to stay ahead in technology systems for the home, from Kent-based experts Circle Automation.

From humble beginnings to futuristic expertise

Circle Automation was founded by James Major in 2011. After completing his degree in building services and working as an M&E consultant, James decided to move his technical and engineering background into the home technology industry. Prior to completing his degree, James was an electrician, giving him the unique advantage and skillset to understand the industry from every aspect.