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Major investment in Robot Cell announced by Focus SB

  Friday, 24 March 2017 15:50
Major investment in Robot Cell announced by Focus SB

Focus SB announces that it has recently placed an order for its first robot cell. This will initially enable the company to polish rocker switch and dimmer components to a consistently high standard, and keep up with the growing demand for its quality electrical wiring accessories. 

Managing director Gary Stevens comments: “This represents a £200k + investment for the company and is part of an ongoing investment programme back into the business, with a view to achieving our goal of becoming the UK’s number one luxury electrical accessory manufacturer. This comes on the back of the investment last year into two state-of-the-art CNC machines to enable the company to gear up for some very exciting ‘Brexit-busting’ export opportunities that we will be announcing over the coming months.”

Over the last few years, Focus SB has fast established itself at the forefront of design and innovation, developing and manufacturing the UK’s only totally flush-fit faceplate, the Focus SB Smoothie®, in collaboration with SHH architecture and interior design practice. A leading supplier to hospitality designers, Focus SB’s energy-saving hotel key card switches are rated at 32 amps, where many alternatives are not.

The manufacturer of choice for bespoke metal covers by many lighting controls companies and discerning designers of home cinema and audio visual specialists, Focus SB appeals to architects and designers because of its unique product portfolio. The company’s attention to continuity of finish, features electrophoretic lacquering of polished brass plates, which is unique to Focus SB, providing durability and a hard wearing finish that ensures its products will keep their appearance over time. Superior products with both trimless and trimmed design features cater for contemporary and traditional style. Focus SB is notably the only UK manufacturer able to match its rocker and dolly switches to its plate finishes.