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New Focus SB Card Switch is announced

  Friday, 15 July 2016 12:03
New Focus SB Card Switch is announced

Focus SB are pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned 32 Amp Card Switch Range.

Card switches can be used in a multitude of commercial applications but are especially useful in hotels. The new card switches have been designed to complement all of the Focus SB electrical accessory ranges and to match any interior design scheme.

Most importantly they are rated at 32 Amps. Many alternatives are rated at 10 or 16 Amps. So the new Focus SB Card Switches can control large amounts of lighting, switching up to 5Kw of incandescent load or 2.88Kw of fluorescent load, as well as other suitable loads. They also feature a red LED ‘seek light’ to assist locating the switch in the dark.

The seek light extinguishes on inserting key card so there is no light disturbance when switched “on”. Removing the key card will turn the power off after a 20 second delay and turn the seek light on.

They are manufactured in attractive finishes to match any of our standard finishes. Specifiers can also choose between a black or white body and are available with rounded or square corners to match other switches and sockets.

Focus SB are the only manufacturer offering such a attractive and customisable card switch solution, with unrivalled 32 Amp performance to match.

Full technical specification can be found here or contact the sales office for pricing and quotations.