Focus SB shines at exclusive Beijing Expo

  Wednesday, 23 May 2018 09:31
Focus SB shines at exclusive Beijing Expo

Recently Focus SB debuted at the 26th China (Beijing) International Building Decoration & Materials Expo.

With a splendid history dating back to the last century, Focus SBs’ ‘royal standard’ electrical accessory products brought a luxurious and exquisite visual feast to dealers and design enthusiasts.

In Focus SB’s exhibition hall, visitors enjoyed an eye catching art gallery of architectural marvels including UK royal palaces. Stately historic buildings such as Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle were featured juxtaposed with stunning modern architecture such as Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and MGM Cotai in Macau. Throughout its long history, Focus SB has created countless ingenious works of art.
Focus SB presented three themes: fashion, classics and high-end customisation. Low-key glass cabinets displayed a wide range of luxurious electrical accessories and their components. Simple and elegant plates reflected sophisticated modern luxury styles tailored for the upper class, alongside smart high-end products suited to dressing the walls of hotels.
The Fashion theme included Horizon and Ambassador designs; classic themes, Sheraton, Georgian, Victorian and Morpheus; high-end custom themes included hotel customisation, smart control panel and extended customisation of the three product categories.
Clever concept design and rich lighting effects highlighted the unique handmade material texture and ingenious metal finish colours of Focus SB’s products.
Distributors and product designers delighted in the showcase. Focus SB’s staff answered questions, laughed and talked with stand visitors, whilst exchanging Chinese and English art cultures and discussing the true meaning of the art of electrical accessories.
Brochures and product information are available from China distributors Kursel Limited, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..