2 Way and Centre-Off Retractive Toggle Switch

Focus SB designed, manufactured and launched the only fully certified 2 way and centre-off retractive toggle grid switch suitable for use with mains voltage in the UK market in 2017.

Providing a safe, desirable solution for lighting control and dimming systems where the quiescent (off) position is in the centre, the new toggle grid switch can be finished to visually match all Focus SB’s standard and bespoke switch-plates. There are similar toggle/dolly switches on the market, however these differ in that they only offer 1 way spring back retractive toggles.

Other retractive toggle switches on the market are only suitable for use with extra low voltage supplies (ELV) and are unsuitable for use with mains supply, carrying a low risk of electrical shock, whereas this new product from Focus SB is insulated, offering a safer, more robust option to mechanical and electrical engineers and architects.

The new switch is also suitable for use with:

  • Electronic curtains
  • Blinds
  • Shutter and window operating systems

Pushing the toggle down opens curtains or lowers blinds, or pushing the toggle in the opposite direction (up) closes the curtains or raises blinds.

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