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Founder and director of successful, multi-faceted avp Group, Jes Culley is driven by an unswerving passion to offer the ultimate in residential and commercial automation. With the client’s vision at the heart of every project, we discover what fires up Jes’s imagination, how he meets complex challenges, and what his plans are for avp Group over the next five years.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016 10:06

Lighting controls and LEDs

​The last twenty or thirty years has seen the growth initially of high performance alternatives to the traditionally specified incandescent and fluorescent lamps and luminaires. In more recent years the very latest high performance/high output/high efficiency LED alternatives to these have become predominant in the market place. 

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Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:39

What is a smart home

We discover what it takes to stay ahead in technology systems for the home, from Kent-based experts Circle Automation.

From humble beginnings to futuristic expertise

Circle Automation was founded by James Major in 2011. After completing his degree in building services and working as an M&E consultant, James decided to move his technical and engineering background into the home technology industry. Prior to completing his degree, James was an electrician, giving him the unique advantage and skillset to understand the industry from every aspect.

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