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Since we last featured architect and interior designer David Lee Hood on our blog, he’s been rather busy realising an innovative vision to streamline the essential yet mundane daily tasks faced by the interior design and architecture industry, freeing up more time for creativity.

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You may have watched Channel 4’s documentary about ‘Britain’s Most Expensive Home’ in February, featuring Arista Design who won the project in a competition set by billionaire owner, John Caudwell.

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G.A Design is part of the award-winning multidisciplinary practice G.A Group, established for over 32 years, located in London, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. We are delighted to catch up with the managing director of G.A Design London, Edward Davies, who shares his thoughts on design’s impact in today’s global hospitality and luxury residential market.

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As a building product manufacturer, we understand the importance of communicating design quality and technical insights effectively to our customers specifying for high end property interiors. Ross Thornhill, Focus SB product consultant and regular blog contributor, discusses how specifying ‘value added’ interior details could offer you a better return on investment when it comes to selling a luxury residential property, and how it’s advisable to discuss fixtures and fittings as early as possible in the decision making process.

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