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Wise Controls

Wirelessly operate interior and garden lighting with Wise Controls.

Focus SB offers a range of Wise Controls wireless radio technology solutions for lighting control and home automation. These can be used for momentary dimming operation. The use of Wise Scene modules or packs allows switching and dimming of the connected lighting circuit from multiple positions if required.

Available as single circuit modules or 4 circuit packs, Wise Scene units will typically be installed in the ceiling or wall voids and wired to the respective lighting circuits and switches. Dimming of the lighting circuit is then carried out with ‘push to make’ momentary switches.

The single channel Wise Scene Leading and Trailing Edge Dimming Receiver (WISESCENE DIMLED) and the Wise Scene Box Receiver is both suitable for 'wired' momentary dimming.

Metal cover plates for the Wireless Intense and Fusion switch ranges can be manufactured in finishes of your choice, to match standard switches and sockets. Retractive rocker and toggle switches can also be finished to perfectly match standard rocker and toggle switches.

A dedicated Wise Controls brochure, detailing all the products that are available from Focus SB, is available to view and download via our brochures request page.