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Wall Boxes

Complementing our custom plate design and precision engineering services, Focus SB manufactures custom metal back boxes in any size for surface mounting where installation within the wall is not possible, such as heritage property interiors. We also manufacture custom back boxes in any size suitable for installation within the wall. This enables contractors to install the boxes within the wall ahead of switches, sockets and other electrical accessories, knowing that when these arrive on site they are going to fit.

surface wall boxFrom one off runs to large volumes, we offer to provide a complete solution to meet the flexibility required by contractors or users of increasingly complex and sophisticated domestic electrical products for bespoke wiring accessories installation.

"Newer, more advanced and technological products are continually introduced to the marketplace and used not just in commercial environments, but increasingly in domestic situations. With all of these items needing some form of electrical power or connectivity the future requirement for electrical switches, sockets and other outlets in residential properties is set to increase significantly in the coming years. The use of 'secondary fix' switches and sockets in this rapidly changing and expanding market allows far greater flexibility for both specifier and installer alike to select and mix differing types of switches on any one face plate suiting the specific requirements of the particular application."

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