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Focus SB offers a range of connection products from fused connection units and flex outlets, to switched fused spurs.

Two Flex Grid Cord Outlet, with and without terminals for use with permanently mounted equipment such as towel rails, wall heaters etc.


  • With terminals
  • Without terminals
  • Will fit Ambassador, Morpheus, and decorative grid plate styles


  • White or black surrounds


Supply Voltage 250V AC

Rating 16A

Cord grip capacity 1.5mm2 flex

Minimum box depth with terminals 35mm

Minimum box depth without 25mm


Fuse Carrier 13A fuse carrier designed for the connection of fixed appliances such as water heaters, central heating boilers. Can be ordered pre-configured or as a separate grid module, therefore giving the customer total flexibility. This product is intended for use in fixed wiring systems and should not be used where there is a mix of flex and solid cable.


  • Fitted with 13Amp fuse link
  • Black or white module colour
  • Retained fused carrier that is not removed during fuse replacement


Supply Voltage 250V AC

Rating 13A

Minimum box depth 35mm