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Retractive Switches for Inline Dimming

How does a retractive / momentary action switch work with home automation systems, lighting controls or dimmer pack?

The system monitors the condition of any connected switch, if a switch changes state i.e. a switch changes from open contact (off) to closed contact (on) the system performs a pre-defined function. Typically, if a retractive (momentary action) switch is held on for a short period (milliseconds) the system will toggle the lights between on and off each time the switch is pressed. If the switch is held on for a longer period of time the system dims the lights up and down.

Exactly how the lights turn on, off or dim will be determined by the connected system. For example, if you turn the lights off and on they may come on at the same dim level they were turned off, or alternatively they may come on at full brightness. Similarly, with some systems the dim function every time the switch is pressed and held will dim one way to dim the other way the switch needs to be released and re-pressed, other systems may dim up and down continually while the switch is held.

Certain inline dimmers and lighting controls systems can work more intuitively with a double throw centre off retractive switch which springs back to the middle. Push down - lights go down, push up - the lights get brighter; a quick flick in either direction, lights on / off. We can offer both types of switch as toggle or rocker, however check with your dimmer system manufacturer to determine compatibility, not all systems will work with both. With most lighting control systems the exact functions of a long press or a short press and how the lights react can be programmed by the installer, however with an inline dimmer pack these functions are normally set by the manufacturer. Our centre off retractive toggle and rocker switches will work with other manufacturers' inline dimmers.

Focus SB offers a range of Wise dimmer packs. All Wise dimmer packs can be wired to a retractive toggle, rocker or push button switch (or a mix of wired and wireless), this is not only to the Solo but also their four channel dimmers.

All Wise dimmer packs will only operate with single moment retractive toggle, rocker or push button switches.