Dimmer Switches

Rotary push on/off dimmers are available from Focus SB to match most of our standard product ranges, ensuring the same style and finish throughout an interior.

Dimmer modules are available as standard in 1 to 4 gang configurations to suit leading, trailing edge and 1-10v lighting loads (subject to lighting types and loads) using standard single and double sized face plates. They are also available on bespoke sized and multi-gang faceplates and can be combined with switches that visually match the rotary dimmers or, alternatively rocker and dolly switches. Our in-house facilities enable us to match plate and component finishes across our product ranges.

Single plates

One and 2 gang dimmers are available on single sized face plates.

Double plates

Three and 4 gang dimmers can be supplied on double sized face plates (subject to maximum loadings).

Bespoke dimmers

Larger multi-gang dimmers and face plates are available to order in certain product ranges, please enquire for further information specific to your project.

Rotary dimmer modules

These are available for most types of lamp and lighting fittings, including traditional tungsten filament lamps, low and mains voltage tungsten halogen lamps and many LED lamps and luminaires. We can supply dimming modules suitable for use with most mains operated leading, trailing edge, low voltage luminaires with remote drivers and light fittings dimmed with a 1-10v source.

Rotary dimmers are all generally suitable for 2 way operation, i.e. push on/off switching and rotary dimming from a main location and on/off switching only from a second position using a matching push on/off switch, conventional rocker or dolly switch.

Momentary dimming

By using a retractive rocker, toggle switch or bell push, simple on/off operation combined with a discrete dimming function can easily be achieved. Momentarily pressing-down and releasing the connected lighting switch will turn the lighting circuit on. Simply repeating this action once more turns the circuit off. To dim the lighting, press and hold the switch down for a few seconds to activate the dimming function, releasing the switch when the desired light level has been achieved. The dimming module automatically memorises the chosen setting, returning to the same level when next switched on. Please note, our retractive switches need to work in conjunction with inline dimmers or a third party lighting control system, such as Rako or Lutron.

Certain inline dimmers and lighting controls systems can work more intuitively with a centre off retractive switch which springs back to the middle. Push down - lights go down, push up - the lights get brighter; a quick flick in either direction, lights on / off. We can offer both types of switch as toggle or rocker, however check with your dimmer manufacturer to determine compatibility, not all systems will work with both.

2way & centre off retractive dimmer grid switches

Discover our 2way retractive toggle and rocker grid switches with centre off, up to make down to make. We manufacture the only fully certified 2 way and centre-off retractive toggle grid switch suitable for use with mains voltage in the UK market.

Providing a safe, desirable solution for lighting control and dimming systems where the quiescent (off) position is in the centre, our toggle grid switch can be finished to visually match all our standard and bespoke switch-plates. Similar toggle/dolly switches on the market differ in that they only offer 1 way spring back retractive toggles.

Inline solo and multi-channel

"Focus Solo Dimming' using Wise  Scene remote dimmer packs. Our ‘Solo’ remote ‘in-line’ dimming modules utilise toggle (dolly) switches and bell pushes, retractive rocker.

These can also be configured for dimming using multi-gang switch-plates. Focus SB SOLO DIM is designed to dim individual circuits and provide greater control of lighting on a room-by-room basis.

All Wise dimmer packs can be wired to a retractive switch (or a mix of wired and wireless), this is not only to the Solo but also their four channel dimmers.

All Wise dimmer packs will only operate with single moment retractive switches.