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Rotary Dimmers

Focus SB manufactures a range of rotary dimmers to suit your application.

Leading Edge

Leading-edge dimmers have been the main dimmer type for decades in the UK and offer an affordable dimmer solution. Leading-edge transformers are suitable for resistive loads (incandescent bulbs) and inductive loads (magnetic low-voltage transformers). Some manufacturers of LED drivers do make them leading-edge compatible.

Focus SB’s leading-edge dimmer employs advanced Zero Cross technology which makes it compatible with a wider range of LEDs than a standard leading-edge dimmer, however compatibility must always be checked.

Trailing Edge

Trailing-edge dimmers are suitable for resistive loads (incandescent bulbs) and capacitive loads (LED drivers, electronic low-voltage transformers).

Intelligent Load Detection

Universal dimmers with auto load detection have the ability to switch between trailing-edge and leading-edge modes.

Focus SB’s intelligent universal dimmer is the go to choice for LED dimming, it may be slightly more expensive than our leading-edge dimmer but eliminates the compatibility issues.

1-10V Controller

Some LED drivers and dimmable fluorescent ballasts have built in dimmers. A common technology used in this type of driver is 1-10V. As the dimmer is built into the driver the dimmer and driver are matched giving smooth flicker free dimming.

Focus SB’s 1-10v controller sits on the wall and looks like a dimmer and sends a signal to the driver to dim. It also has a push on off function that can be used to turn the lights off completely.

2 way on off

This is a conventional 2-way push button light switch; however, it mimics the style of a rotary dimmer. These can be used whenever there are dimmable and non-dimming circuits in the same room or even same switch plate to keep continuity of style. Alternatively, they can be used on any conventional switched circuit where the style of a rotary dimmer is preferred.

Intermediate on off

As with the 2 way on off but with intermediate functionality.


One and two gang are available on a single plate, three and four gang are available on a twin plate.

Different dimmer modules can be mixed and matched on the same plate. We offer a push two way module and an intermediate module that are in the style of a rotary dimmer, which can be mixed and matched on the same plate for non-dimming circuits, for design and finish continuity.

Bespoke plate sizes can be made to your requirements in certain plate styles, and we also manufacture custom metal back boxes for wall installation in any size. Please enquire to arrange a call or meeting with a product consultant to discuss your project.