Focus SB holds golden key to the Chinese market at CIIE 2018

  Friday, 21 December 2018 09:09
Jewellery on the wall, Focus SB’s reputation shines at CIIE fair. Jewellery on the wall, Focus SB’s reputation shines at CIIE fair.

From November 5th to 10th, 2018, the first China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Incoming Expo”) was successfully held in Shanghai. In the “Clover” pavilion, exhibitors gathered where the exhibits were dazzling, and visitors were shoulder-to-shoulder.

Focus SB from the UK, with a full range of hand-polished top-of-the-line metal electrical accessories, unveiled at this year's fair, creating a strong artistic atmosphere that will make the Focus SB metal electrical panel shine, showing the extraordinary momentum of art. For the first time in the world, Focus SB has launched a Horizon series of metal switches and sockets with a thickness of only 1.5 mm to match the design trend of modern minimalist interior style.

The UK's Focus SB’s products were exhibited at this year's fair, which has aroused enthusiastic response in the industry. Professionals predict that the door to the highend market for metal electrical accessories in China will gradually open.


Luxury brands, craftsmanship, focus on the eyes

Industry experts are optimistic about high-end products

Many industry experts said that in terms of the domestic switch industry, the materials currently available for purchase in the market are mostly industrial plastics. On the one hand, this depends on the lower cost of industrial plastic materials; on the other hand, due to the historical reasons of China at the beginning of the last century, there is no development stage similar to the use of metal electrical accessories in Europe and the United States; but with the upgrade of domestic consumption and the world. With product integration, designers who have studied or worked abroad have seen such high-end metal plates meet the needs of the cuttingedge market in the current industry, and therefore are very optimistic about the future of Focus SB. Obviously: high-end positioning, differentiated products, and the highest-end market group in the service industry are wise choices.


Some of the exhibits

Professional audiences linger on crafts

When talking about the market feedback during the Expo, Ms. Chen, the brand director of Focus SB China, said: “Many professional audiences and designers have been attracted to our products at once. The biggest reaction is not seen. The switch socket can be made beautiful and delicate with metal. But in fact, the use of metal switches in Europe has long been a habit, a culture.” The reporter randomly visited the visitors in the exhibition hall and found that in addition to the buyers, more professional visitors are designers and industry peers. They all said that at the entrance fair, for the first time, they saw the product in the previous design book. The real craftsmanship and texture are really craftsmanship and unparalleled.

Buyer's recognition of high quality products

For the results of this Expo, a Focus SB representative revealed that as the top electrical accessory brand in the industry, the price of Focus SB is also very high. Despite this, the exhibits still received enquiries from numerous buyers, as well as positive feedback from interested partners such as professional designers, building materials or engineering companies. Many buyers admit that China's current market is almost a thousand products, and the materials and styles are relatively simple. If you want to shine in high-end projects, it is almost impossible. When talking about Focus SB, they all praised the hotel's executive suites or presidential suites equipped with Focus SB products as an absolute highlight, and in the future high end private homes, a standard decoration for the top!

Royal standard in the eyes of the media

During the Expo, the focus of the media was on the status of Focus SB’s products and the brand status of the British royal family: the United Kingdom, as one of the guests of this Expo, brought a lot of distinctive technologies and products, Focus SB as the only brand in the UK that has received Chinese certification, the British government has also spared no effort to recommend it. In the SMG media series "In Shanghai, buy the world", a low-profile plate from Focus SB is recommended as one of the world's best-selling goods.


Some of the exhibits

Product upgrade, open market imagination

The high popularity and huge transactions of the Expo have highlighted China's huge domestic consumer market, and China's market demand for high-quality and high-end imported products is expanding. Against the background of the general lack of global economic growth, China's open stance has not only brought market opportunities and hopes to many overseas companies, but also provided new possibilities for the breakthrough of domestic industry development.

Duncan Ray, Supply Chain & NPI manager, and director of international marketing at Focus SB, said: "We believe this is only a matter of time, but everything will move in the direction expected. We spent five or six years preparing for the Chinese market in advance. Now, it seems that it is wise. As a metal switch brand that has been polished by hand for centuries, we have full confidence in the brand itself, product quality and artistic value. At the same time, we have already booked next year. The entrance to the Expo booth is larger than this year because it is a good opportunity for Focus SB to show itself to the Chinese market."


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