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New wall display at Focus SB’s Beijing project showroom

  Monday, 21 January 2019 14:39
Electrical wiring accessories luxury brand Focus SB’s new wall display at its Beijing Project Showroom. Electrical wiring accessories luxury brand Focus SB’s new wall display at its Beijing Project Showroom.

Beijing Building Materials Trade Tower, one of Focus SB’s showrooms in China, has recently added a beautiful wall display.

Luxury brand Focus SB’s high quality electrical wiring accessories are mounted on three blue boards, which are designed as traditional British door decorations. Sockets and switches are displayed on classic European decorative Damascus patterned wallpaper, giving the show boards the mystery and nobility of a royal garden. Visitors to the company’s recently opened Beijing project showroom can view Focus SB’s Sheraton, Victorian, Georgian plate styles, and contemporary Horizon range, along with customised plates for private residences and hotels. With an array of different finishes, these samples give a comprehensive overview of Focus SB’s eye-catching electrical accessories.

Focus SB has opened five showrooms across China, two in Beijing, one in Hangzhou and one in Hong Kong, following the British luxury brand’s successful launch at Shanghai’s Grand Hyatt in 2018. The company’s flagship showroom is located in the iconic Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.

In China, Focus SB’s showrooms usually display products in jewellery cabinets to bring out the quality and elegance of its electrical accessory collections which are likened to ‘wall jewellery’ in Europe. The new wall display however, enables guests to take a closer look and to touch to the company’s beautifully-finished products, offering a more tactile experience.

Please contact Focus SB’s distributor partner in Beijing to know more about its ‘wall jewellery’ products.

Address: 1-08, Ground Floor, Beijing Building Materials Trade Tower, No.14, Dongtucheng Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel:010-5977 8113

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