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Focus SB to produce bespoke cover plates for Syncbox

  Wednesday, 23 November 2016 15:42
Syncbox customer configurations Syncbox customer configurations

Syncbox has selected Focus SB to manufacture bespoke cover plates for its unique recessed TV outlet and wall socket; the only one of its kind in UK and Europe.

Offering a professional, slim media outlet, the fully recessed Syncbox is designed to protect and conceal all connections, keeping plugs secure and out of sight. Providing the perfect solution to the common problem of protruding cables causing flat screen TVs having to sit away from the wall as much as up to 40mm, the super slim Syncbox enables installers to fit televisions flush to the wall.

Syncbox specifically chose Focus SB for its bespoke paintable cover plates, as it was crucial for the company to have confidence in an electrical wiring accessories manufacturer able to supply a consistently high quality continuity of finish, to perfectly complement its own professional continuity of systems.

Syncbox CEO, Steve Noyes explains: "Syncbox is the world's only recessed and covered advance wiring system for TV, media and speaker systems. Syncbox is now being fitted by the UK's largest developers as standard. However, the top-end of the housing market requires a prestigious finish to complement their properties. This is why we approached Focus SB to produce our metal finished covers. The metal finish covers provides Syncbox with another dimension and really complements the product. Focus SB are the perfect partners to supply Syncbox with this solution.

Focus SB's managing director, Gary Stevens comments: "Focus SB are proud to be associated with such an innovative product and brand as Syncbox. In a global market it is so important to stick to your area of strength and find partners who will complement your own standard offer, or support partners to exploit their core strengths. In our partnership with Syncbox we have both found this to be the case to our mutual benefit."

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