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Focus SB rolls out new logo and rebrand

  Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:49
Focus SB rolls out new logo and rebrand

Focus SB Ltd announces a rebrand, with stylishly redesigned logo and marketing collateral on the cusp of the company’s 40th anniversary, and ahead of its exciting product showcase at this year’s 100% Design.

Following a series of recent investments, a brand audit was swift to follow, with members of the board and senior management settling on a revised company strategy with a rebrand integral to this. The management decided it was crucial the company changes be effectively communicated via a new logo and supporting material, not only to continue to meet expectations of existing customers, but to portray a refreshed overview of standard and luxury products and services to a new clientele.

Tasked with developing stylish new marketing material, talented Hastings-based designers, Design Matters Ltd, led by creative director Paul Suggitt, worked closely with Focus SB’s managing director, Gary Stevens, and sales and marketing manager, Steve Moss, to develop and realise the company’s new high-end look, highlighting ‘continuity of plate finish’ messaging. Successful interpretation of the brief has resulted in a stunning, minimalist new logo featured on Focus SB’s website, across its social media, and on a high quality company brochure in compact square format.

Focus SB’s new brochure features newly-named ranges and a beautifully-presented overview of the manufacturer’s outstanding engineering capabilities and finishing expertise it uses to produce desirable, high quality standard and bespoke plates and components. The company is delighted with response from those architects, interior designers, consulting engineers and specifiers who’ve already received a copy of the new brochure, or viewed it via Focus SB’s website.

During the last two years, Focus SB has seen a raft of major changes - some of the biggest in the company’s history - propelling the UK manufacturer into a different league. Vital investment in engineering and finishing processes; expansion of facilities; state of the art digital manufacturing technology; employment of additional expertise and a broadening of the company’s export portfolio, have culminated in a striking rebrand created to reflect the company’s evolved industry stature.

Focus SB’s managing director, Gary Stevens, comments: “We’re delighted with the company’s stylish rebrand which truly reflects our manufacturing prowess and showcases what we’re capable of. Talking with our customers, we understand that continuity of plate finish throughout an interiors project is hugely important, and we feel the launch of our rebrand and new brochures will better inform and assist our customers with planning their design and technical electrical specifications for interior projects, whether it be high-end residential, hotel or heritage building. Focus SB’s recent major investments into its manufacturing facilities and its rebrand herald a quantum leap into an exciting new phase for the company, and I’m delighted to be at the company’s helm as we forge ahead in this important new direction for us.”

Focus SB’s new company brochures can be downloaded or read online, or please contact us to book an appointment with a product consultant.