New Focus SB China show-boards

  Friday, 18 January 2019 10:29
New Focus SB China show-boards

Beijing Building Materials Trade Tower, one of our showrooms in China, has recently added a beautiful wall display. Our products have been put on three blue boards, which are designed as traditional British door decorations. Using wallpaper in the classic European decorative Damascus pattern, the show-boards have the mystery and nobility of a royal garden. Displayed on the board is our classic range of Sheraton, Victorian, Georgian and our contemporary Horizon range, along with customised plates for private residences and hotels. With the different finishes, these samples can give visitors a comprehensive representation of Focus SB products.

In China, our products in the showrooms are usually displayed in jewellery cabinets, which help bring out the quality and elegance of our products, which are called ‘wall jewellery’ in Europe. The wall display, however, enables guests to take a close look and touch our products in a more direct way. Please contact our distributor partner in Beijing to know more about our ‘wall jewellery’ products.

Address: 1-08, Ground Floor, Beijing Building Materials Trade Tower, No.14, Dongtucheng Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel:010-5977 8113


我们位于中国北京的展示厅之一建材经贸大厦展厅,最近添加了上墙展示。 福卡仕样品被陈列在三块蓝色展示板上,这些展示板被设计成传统英国门饰的样子,搭配欧洲装饰艺术的经典图案大马士革花纹壁纸,尽显皇家花园般的神秘与高贵。展示板上展示了福卡仕的经典系列和现代系列产品,以及不同的表面处理方式,还有定制款的面板,适用于私人住宅和酒店等场所。 福卡仕在中国的产品展示通常是将样品放在珠宝柜里,以彰显福卡仕“墙上珠宝”的气质。上墙展示却可以让客户近距离参观和触摸我们的产品。请联系我们在北京的经销商来获得您独特的产品体验吧。 地址:北京市朝阳区东土城路14号北京建材经贸大厦地下一层1-08; 电话:010-5977 8113