Britain’s manufacturing heroes named in Liverpool

  Tuesday, 11 December 2018 09:52
Image caption (from left to right): Gary Stevens, managing director, with Duncan Ray, supply chain and NPI manager, pictured with their Top 100 trophies in Focus SB’s showroom in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.

The Manufacturer Top 100 2018 publication launch for the 100 most inspirational individuals working in UK industry were announced on the 14th of November at a drinks reception at Exhibition Centre, Liverpool.

Gary Stevens, MD, was awarded a trophy for 'Unsung Hero' category - defined in the Top 100 publication as "Someone who is instrumental in facilitating the success of those around them and the success of the business as a whole. They are the constants that provide support and knowledge both downwards and upwards within the professional hierarchy."

Duncan Ray, Supply Chain and NPI Manager awarded a trophy in 'Bold Investor in New Markets' category - defined as "Someone who has been courageous in finding new markets, increased revenue by venturing overseas, and helped reshape one or multiple markets by providing a new and competitive business model involving UK manufacturing."

Nick Peters, editorial director of The Manufacturer and of The Manufacturer Top 100 report commented, “The individual stories in the report published today are a compelling reminder of how strong and vibrant UK manufacturing really is. We need to keep saying that, because as a nation we seem to harbour the notion that no one in the UK makes things anymore, and young people are discouraged from considering careers in manufacturing. The truth is we do make things – we are the world’s 9th largest manufacturing nation – and careers are very well paid. But there are too few skilled young people coming through the system. It is on behalf of that new generation that we do this. We want to break down the decades-old prejudice against manufacturing.”