First to export to China

  Monday, 30 October 2017 10:16
From left to right: Zhangfeng Zheng, director of the CQC, Chen Liu (CQC), Guangcheng Zhang, deputy director CQC, Mark Curtis, Focus SB’s technical manager, Duncan Ray, Focus SB’s NPI manager, Mark Tang, Kursel Ltd and Mr Yu, Hangzhou branch director CQC.

Company management is pleased to announce that Focus SB has passed a stringent China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) factory audit with no reported non-conformances. This signifies the company’s official entrance into the Chinese marketplace.

A major coup, this means Focus SB is the first and only British luxury electrical wiring accessories brand licensed to manufacture and export electrical wiring accessories to China.

Focus SB’s products have been recognised as conforming with the Chinese CQC Mark Certification standards, which take into account product quality, safety, environmental and energy efficiencies by the largest professional certification body in the People’s Republic of China; this means the manufacturer’s products are eligible for the China Compulsory Certificate mark (also known as the ‘CCC mark’).

Why China? Successful market research and extensive compilation of customer feedback, from designers through to seasoned real estate investors, singled out Focus SB as a manufacturer of the highest calibre. Meetings swiftly followed with influential property investors, designers and other interested parties eager to discover more about Focus SB and its products, resulting in Focus SB entering into an exclusive long term strategic partnership with China-based distributors Kursel Ltd.

A CQC spokesman confirmed that due to the variety of finishes and depth of product range, Focus SB has more products with CCC approval than any other electrical accessories manufacturer in China. The company’s comprehensive range of finishes, ideal for burgeoning large-scale construction projects, Focus SB’s premium high end electrical accessories were singled out as offering perfect product solutions for the growing number of hotel resorts and residential developments in China. 

Duncan Ray, supply chain and new product introduction (NPI) manager said: “We are pleased to announce that after an extensive period of market research and consultation in China, which involved potential customers, industry leaders and regulatory authorities, Focus SB has designed produced and tested to the highest standards, a range of luxury wiring accessories aimed specifically at the luxury Chinese market. Focus SB believes that in choosing Kursel Ltd as distribution partners we have an extremely bright future together."

Focus SB managing director, Gary Stevens commented: “This is a historic moment for the company and the British electrical accessory manufacturing industry. There is often a sense of negativity surrounding Chinese imported products in the UK, but Focus SB has managed to reverse this scenario. We are now representing Britain in China and at the same time providing the company and its 60+ workforce with security following the Brexit vote last year.”