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Focus SB is invited to join BEAMA

  Saturday, 15 May 2021 09:31
Focus SB is invited to join BEAMA

BEAMA is the UK trade association for Focus SB’s sector and the company has been invited to join and be front of centre of policy-making and decision-making for the future of electrical industry standards, alongside its peers.

Focus SB’s designers and mechanical engineers have long been at the forefront of the research and development of innovative and sustainable solutions in response to rapidly emerging technologies and environmental challenges in an ever-changing world. Our management team is delighted the company is to be formally recognised as an industry leader and welcomes the responsibility to influence UK and international government policy and the regulatory and standardisation of the direction of its industry.

Our Managing Director Gary Stevens comments: "I believe that to be taken seriously as a manufacturer of electrical accessories, then becoming part of the BEAMA association adds that credibility to any serious player in our industry."

Visit BEAMA’s website for further information about its membership and services.