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Environment and Sustainability

Focus SB is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by taking all appropriate measures to minimise any impact on the environment throughout the business, from operational to manufacturing processes. The major initiatives include:

  • The recycling of all of our chemicals from our lacquering plant through a specialist environmental cleaning company.
  • We’ve introduced recyclable product packaging for all our standard products, replacing non recyclable cartons and polythene bags, drastically reducing our use of plastic.
  • We have increased the number of product ranges/finishes which use a fully biodegradable fibreweb bag. We have done this for two reasons, one to improve the protection of the product and secondly to reduce the amount of single use plastics in our packaging. We commit to increasing this across more of our ranges over time.
  • Brass material supplied to us is made with up to 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.
  • Our stainless steel waste is recycled through an authorised metal recycler.
  • Waste acrylic material (Prism plate style) is recycled through a local waste collection business along with our waste cardboard, paper waste and metal cans. 
  • Waste paint from our spray shop is collected in a water extraction system and recycled.
  • Waste Perchlorethylene from our degreaser is contained in a 100% enclosed loop system which is collected and recycled.
  • Introduction of LED lighting into our factories.
  • We implemented a paperless office initiative at the start of 2020.
  • Where possible all brochures and printed items are printed on paper made from 100% sustainable sources and are bleach free.
  • Investment in laser marking technology to offer as a standard alternative service to screen printing, for improved fine detail quality and to significantly limit the use of environmentally damaging consumables and reduce waste.
  • Investment in corporate videos to showcase factory processes, products and project support services to reduce the necessity to travel.
  • Wherever possible we will choose our supply chain partners from the local area, or at least within the UK.
  • Participation in the Government Cycle to Work Scheme.
  • We have a policy to move over to 100% electric/hybrid vehicles as older vehicles are up for renewal, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.
  • We are installing electric vehicle charging points at our factories.