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‘Value Added’ for architects and interior designers

    Tuesday, 18 June 2019 14:11  Architecture
‘Value Added’ for architects and interior designers

As a building product manufacturer, we understand the importance of communicating design quality and technical insights effectively to our customers specifying for high end property interiors. Ross Thornhill, Focus SB product consultant and regular blog contributor, discusses how specifying ‘value added’ interior details could offer you a better return on investment when it comes to selling a luxury residential property, and how it’s advisable to discuss fixtures and fittings as early as possible in the decision making process.

Whether you are reading this as an architect, interior designer or building services consultant, when initially taking on a commission from a new (or existing) client one would reasonably presume that both parties will enter into planning, design and costing discussions in some depth, if not during the first meeting, certainly at later meetings.

Having a full and clear understanding of the practical design elements of the project and the potential building costs you will naturally be in a more informed position to advise your client the likely costs for their proposed development. As ‘designer’ you will have strong views as to the methods of construction used and the overall standards employed in constructing the development. I think it’s fair to also presume as the designer you will have firm views relating to the quality of fixtures and fittings you will specify and that these items will be to a certain quality, complementing your overall design package.

‘Value Added’. Was this a term used in your initial discussions with your client? By ‘value added’ I mean the use of good quality fixtures, fittings and accessories, used to complement the standard of the specific project in hand and hopefully enable your client to achieve the best possible return on their investment when placing it on the market.

Example. It would be reasonable to expect that any residential property being marketed in parts of London such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Kensington (plus many other ‘select’ areas in London and the UK) will have the very best quality constructional and décor standards. Prospective clients will naturally expect glazing, kitchens, bathrooms, interior surfaces, wall coverings etc to be to the very best standards.

One would be very surprised to see ‘bargain basement’ door furniture and switches and sockets sourced from one of the national DIY ‘sheds’ in such a place. In reality it would probably be very difficult to effectively market such property and achieve the expected returns.

If you were to venture out a few miles to the outer suburbs where, in the quest for more building space and larger living accommodation, many remaining Edwardian or Victorian detached properties have been extended, pulled down or replaced. What was perhaps a three or four bedroom detached house may have been replaced with a three storey, six, seven or eight bedroom property with a footprint now dominating the width of its respective plot. The developers will look to maximise returns from their investment. Perhaps lower quality construction, budget priced fixtures and fittings sourced from the DIY sheds will now be very much in evidence (and at odds in design terms with the overall décor).

The purchaser of this property could well have originated from one of the areas noted above but has been ‘frozen-out’ of their once preferred location and forced to look elsewhere in less expensive areas to try and get the best ‘bang for their buck’, committing to a lower valued property.

Does our typical buyer look to enhance the standard of the property and ‘upgrade’, and provide the ‘value added’ content?

Can we help you to add value to your development project?

Ross Thornhill

Article originally published on LinkedIn by Ross Thornhill, Focus SB product consultant East, East/Central, West, West/Central, North/North West London and Middlesex (pictured left).

We understand the challenges when it comes to architectural product specification within a defined project timeline. Focus SB’s product consultants actively engage with construction industry professionals, from arranging factory tours and bespoke finish samples, to interviewing design industry professionals and carrying out market surveys; educating customers on the multiple stages involved in precision engineered plate and component manufacturing. Our face to face product consultation and sales team services aim to give customers accuracy regards quality, price and lead-times, thus reducing the opportunity for contractors to substitute sockets and switches further down the line. We want to deliver outstanding quality to you the customer, in an accurate and timely way, whilst adding value to a project.

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