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An awareness of interiors trends, bespoke plate options, finishes and changes in technology will give you the edge in conversation with your customers.

Why so serious?… We explore playful design trends In today's world of political and economic uncertainty we begin to search out ways of creating an interior space that counteracts this negativity. Let's explore an emerging design trend called 'Play'.

We won't see too much of this trend in evidence until the Spring/Summer of this year, 2017. However, it is set to be a strong trend with wide appeal for the world of interiors, across many sectors including hospitality, workplace, residential and education.

Analogue Workshop is a 'Digital Detox' slowing things down, allowing us to appreciate earnt skills and going back to crafting basics.

We will find satisfaction in the 'basic', beauty in the ordinary, new value in simple pleasures and an admiration for those slowly-acquired-skills.

We have identified creatives beginning to playfully look at mixing mobile and static qualities and making a more serious design commentary on the mass migrations and displacements of large groups of people around the world. The first significant examples of 'Nomadic Architecture', which results from the creative exploration mentioned above, were the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Some of the stadia built was designed so that the building could 'move' once the games were finished to have a new life fulfilling a new purpose. For example, the Handball arena had the intent to be deconstructed and rebuilt to provide four schools and social housing.​

Working closely with interior designers, architects and architectural technologists, we understand it's important for us to keep abreast of trends in fabrics, materials, colours and finishes. This enables us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to advising on the right sockets and switches, and assist specifiers to achieve continuity of finish throughout a modern or heritage interiors project.