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Spring/Summer 2017 Tribe

    Thursday, 09 March 2017 05:00  Interiors
Spring/Summer 2017 Tribe

Whilst we are all about bringing 'Power to the People', this is most definitely a design trend for interiors that is driven by bringing more 'Power to Women'. At the core of the Tribe trend is a changing attitude amongst some women in many different countries. The change is happening because women around the world are becoming: 

a) Politically more influential and better represented 

b) More independent and better educated (globally more women now graduate with degrees than men) 

c) Generally more in control. 

There is also a noticeable shift away from aspiring to that Photoshop perfection of celebrity lifestyles and instead women are seeking out stronger, healthier role models. 2017 is predicted to see a huge growth in the sales of women's sportswear (NIKE forecast a $2bn growth in this area for them alone).

The year will also see a reinterpretation of Wonder Woman in film, she will be a modern day warrior. It's apparent that 'Strong is the New Pretty'.

This strengthening confidence in women is translating across into both fashion and interiors.

Because of this change many women will introduce more vibrant, expressive and bold design choices into all aspects of their lives; in terms of colour, pattern and shape.

It will a period during which a greater degree of dynamism in design will be explored, new approaches taken, new angles and very positive forms, strong shapes and very bold colour. It all adds up to a design agenda that supports spontaneous decision making, independence and a globetrotting spirit. There is also a global folk styling that crosses many cultures and this makes it difficult to define. These global styles are re-worked and modernised to create a new craft aesthetic that takes traditional craft materials, or techniques and gives them a contemporary twist.

This bold colour system is a declaration of a bold attitude; these colours communicate confidence they are impressive and upbeat. They're a show of strength. It is easy for us to produce electrical accessories in these strong colours.

"Strong is the new pretty"


Horizon Square primed finish for on-site painting, with white interiors.

Ambassador Classic matt black multiple switch plate.

Horizon Classic in paintable finish with white rocker switches.