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This Chinese New Year welcomes the Year of the Ox, bearing the element metal, symbolising diligence, positivity and prosperity. To mark this important date in the Chinese calendar and showcase the hard work of our colleagues in China we’d like to share a whistle stop tour looking back at some key events, and celebrate the pivotal and historic moment that saw Focus SB become the first and only British (and European) electrical wiring accessories brand to be granted a licence to manufacture outside of mainland China in 2017, selling directly into China's multi-million dollar hospitality and high-end residential construction marketplace.

New year new career? As we approach National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we invite you to be inspired by our apprentices and graduate trainees by reading their stories as our first blog post of the year celebrates their achievements.

As we see a rise in mental health issues, highlighted by the detrimental impact of the coronavirus pandemic on many peoples’ lives and livelihoods over recent months, campaigns throughout the year continue to keep this important aspect of our health in the public eye.

On 23rd March when Boris Johnson made his announcement all Focus SB staff who could work from home were sent home immediately, then on 30th March we furloughed approximately 70% of our employees, retaining a skeleton staff of approximately 16 over two sites (closed one site), with two people working from home. Customer orders dropped off as construction sites started to close down. 

Meet Ryan Edwards, one of our talented mechanical engineering apprentices, who jumped at the chance to visit and experience October’s Make UK’s The Makers Meet one day festival at the Custard Factory Birmingham which promised to set the tone for the future of manufacturing and engineering in the UK, and excite and inspire tomorrow’s young manufacturers and engineers.