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Over the years Focus SB’s products have been specified for the Goddard Littlefair studio’s luxury hotel projects including the multiple award-winning The Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland, and exquisite addresses such as the award-winning residential property for Berkeley Homes, Ebury Square, London.

Exciting times for Italian Harrogate-based interior designer, Elisa (Cirulli) Fanella, who was recently nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Northern Design Awards Designer Maker category, alongside award winning surface design specialist Annette Taylor-Anderson of ATADesigns for their delightful wallpaper and mural design collaboration,

The role of the lounge space is changing in quite a radical way and the result will challenge tradition and how we're programmed to think of the layout of this room in our homes.

"Many of us reading this will have seen and possibly experienced the seemingly meteoric flurry of new hotel construction in London and other major towns or cities building-up to the last Olympic Games. Ross Thornhill, Focus SB product consultant, discusses how hotel owners can gain a competitive edge and provide their discerning customers with the subtle touches that make all the difference to their stay.

​Whilst we are all about bringing 'Power to the People', this is most definitely a design trend for interiors that is driven by bringing more 'Power to Women'. At the core of the Tribe trend is a changing attitude amongst some women in many different countries. The change is happening because women around the world are becoming: 

a) Politically more influential and better represented 

b) More independent and better educated (globally more women now graduate with degrees than men) 

c) Generally more in control. 

2017 sees design trends influenced by our technological future emerge, others with vibrant colours and yet more with graphic pattern; it's also a year that is balanced out by a trend with elements that are slow, steady and have a sense of well-being. It offers a respite from a modern life that's in constant motion.

A blank page. Many interior projects begin this way, a blank canvas ready to appropriate colours, fabrics and a variety of design concepts. But what happens when that canvas isn't blank? Conservation of buildings of exceptional interest presents perhaps one of the bigger challenges. Electrical installations have to conform to Building Regulations and potentially other statutory requirements, as well as having to respect the character of the building. One such challenge for Focus SB came in the form of one of the famous Royal Palaces. ​