Make sockets and switches disappear... almost

  Friday, 14 October 2016 09:49
Make sockets and switches disappear... almost Make sockets and switches disappear... almost

How to make your switches & sockets disappear... almost. Switches and sockets no longer have to be eyesores; here are four ingenious Focus SB product options that allow you to camouflage your outlets.

Socket outlets and switches happen to be a necessity of any interior required for everyday functionality, however you don't have to ruin a perfectly wallpapered, painted or tiled wall by adding white or chrome outlets and switches.There are many different ways of hiding or minimising the impact they have on the interior design by choosing the right style, colour and finish to blend seamlessly into your decor.

Our contemporary, high quality electrical accessories are designed to harmonise and complement the interior, as opposed to these essential elements usually being the source of irritation and annoyance, ultimately disturbing the whole 'look' of a room.

With our Prism clear plates range you can almost make your sockets disappear. The high quality acrylic sits discreetly into any interior. This is a great way to guarantee your designer wallpaper remains undisturbed and on show for everyone to admire.

For the ultimate blend of switches and sockets into any interior design; our Paintable Range would be the perfect solution. These can be painted to match the colour of the wall or painted to match/contrast wallpaper, soft furnishings and furniture. They can be colour matched to any sample to make sure that the electrical accessories go unnoticed yet add an exquisite finish to your interior.

Switches and sockets no longer have to be eyesores.

Our new screw-less plates are an exciting electrical accessory that give a truly smooth finish. The Focus SB Smoothie® is designed to fit the plate flush with the plaster. Because of its unique method of construction, removing or inserting the plug does not disturb the surrounding plaster. It's a brilliant way of making sockets and switches almost invisible.

Finally our extensive range of metallic surface finishes means that designers, architects and specifiers can plan their interior down to the small details, even making the electrical outlets a feature rather than interrupting walls and facades.

The careful selection of your finishes makes all the difference, attention to detail is essential for the completion of a beautiful interior that isn't ruined by a contrasting outlet. View our product styles now and contact us if you wish to discuss bespoke finishes.


The case for paintable metal switchplates
Discover more about the benefits of primed and paintable switch plates.

Complete your interior with matching electrical accessories
How to match switch plates to other products, for continuity of finish. Image Horizon in bronze.

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