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  Monday, 05 March 2018 09:32
Find an electrician near me
Ben, owner B Electrical London

When it comes to finding the best local electrician in a review-led society, it goes without saying we all want to hire the most highly recommended ones near to where we live. Ben, owner of B Electrical London, takes time out of his busy working schedule to tell us what it takes to succeed as a prime professional electrical contractor.

Describe your background, training and aspirations

I started as an electrician's mate helping out a team of electricians on a rewire contract for local councils. This taught me how to work quickly and think quickly as we had to be in and out in a day with as little snags as possible. After doing the same thing day in day out, I knew I needed to become qualified to progress with my career. I did just that and took my experiences with my attention to detail and never looked back.

Did you start out as an apprentice and would you recommend this route?

Everyone works differently, I chose to jump into the field first and gain hands on experience. With this I took myself to a training centre and became fully qualified in quite a short space of time. This path may work for some, but I would recommend you do what feels best for you and your future.

When did you decide to set up B Electrical London and why?

I set up B Electrical London to provide the electrical solutions others are not able to. I particularly enjoy a client telling me they have had a number of previous electricians attempt something and they are now leaving it in my capable hands to get the job done. I have never left a job unfinished and always leave the client satisfied. We are here to 'B Electrical'.

How do clients find you? You're very active on social media - in your opinion do physical word of mouth recommendations still play a role in an online world?

My clients find me by recommendation. Installations speak a thousand words and are more convincing than any picture, description, explanation ever will be. For someone to admire your attention to detail and realise the difference between your work and others is what sticks. An online presence is always needed in this current day; after someone has mentioned you, you will probably be looked up on the internet. Staying active online shows you are a current business and enquiries are more likely to be answered.

You offer bespoke electrical services for residential and commercial. What product or technology trends have you noticed?

Smart technology is the future and the important factor is how you use it. With the technology becoming available worldwide, clients will be after the latest and most impressive tech that others aren't able to achieve. Being able to offer completely bespoke solutions allows clients' dreams to become a reality. This is the most important service available on offer.

How challenging is it for you to keep up with all the latest in home cinema?

Luckily for me I work closely with some very current AV experts, if there is something I am not 100% on, they will be able to help me out. Strong working relationships are important to keep business flowing.

Ben successfully reconfigures a DALI/0-10v dimmable chandelier.

What's been your most interesting or complicated installation?

I am particularly proud of being able to reconfigure a very expensive DALI/0-10v dimmable chandelier that was wired with only a power supply to it leaving it unable to be controlled, ultimately leaving it non-dimmable. My client said she wanted to be able to dim the light and the previous firm who installed the light told her this was not possible. I stripped the fitting down, reconfigured the drivers within the fitting, carried out wiring and programming alterations and gave my client the result she desired. I even attracted the head of UK sales to come and have a look at the fitting as they had seen some images online and were most impressed!

Do you think wiring regulations will be affected when Britain leaves the EU?

I feel Britain sets the standard in the EU, from my experience if you work to British standards that normally conforms to European norm so fingers crossed we will not be affected in our industry.

What advice would you give an aspiring young would-be-electrician?

My best advice would be to aspire to master your craft. There is so much to be learned in this field and the knowledge of it will really set you apart from others. Understanding why and how things are done is always more important than physically carrying out the work.

Follow Kent based B Electrical London on Instagram for regular electrical installation updates (where Ben regularly shares images of our products in situ!) or contact Ben about your project via his website at b-electrical.com.

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