What's trending at 100% Design 2016?

  Thursday, 06 October 2016 09:06
What's Trending at 100% Design 2016? What's Trending at 100% Design 2016?

This year we exhibited at 100% design in Olympia, as part of London Design Festival 2016. 100% design provides the perfect exhibition space for interior designers, architects and industry professionals; it is the ideal place to source unique designs, inspirations and trend directions for future projects. As the UK's largest and longest running design trade show, there was plenty of time to explore and experience the small detailed design elements that harmonise well with individual projects. We identified four key themes from this year's event; Craftsmanship, 3D Textured Surface, Contemporary Angular Geometrics and New Industrial Metallics. The most important concept to each of these themes is customisation; enabling people to 'design their own' to create unique interior schemes.

We identified 4 key themes from this year's event; Craftsmanship, 3D Textured Surface, Contemporary Angular Geometrics and New Industrial Metallics."


The consumer desire for products that appear handmade shows no signs of diminishing, this year we saw an abundance of projects that have the aesthetics of being lovingly made in a workshop by experienced hands. Imperfections are embraced and materials are seen to be hand stitched, carved and crafted carefully by artisans.

    1. Coalesse Design Group & Michael Young created a product that embraces extraordinary craftsmanship. The LessThanFive Chair is made entirely of carbon fibre, one of the strongest and lightest materials available today, and weighs less than 5 pounds. This project invites a creative freedom that is channeling the future of modern craft.

    2. Mitja's wooden containers intertwine product design and fine craft in a collection of sophisticated and innovative solid wood products. Kristine Bjaadal's Hegne is a container fashioned from turned ash or walnut with a domed ceramic lid.

    3. Turnstyle Designs combine classic materials with the wealth of craftsmanship to create contemporary and unique door handles. At the event they had one of their skilled crafters working on products for visitors to appreciate their talented expertise. Exceptional interior style comes down to the intricate detail and quality of fixtures, fittings and finishes.

In a world of smooth interfaces we seek to counteract the levelness of the technological devices that we interact with on a day to day basis, by introducing textured surfaces into our interiors.

Touch and tactility will continue to grow in importance therefore the exaggerated 3D structures are a prominent feature and will continue to be of significance for walls, floors and textile accessories.

We particularly loved the layered 3D shapes by Anne Kyyrö Quinn; this sculptured approach brings a tactile feel to any interior which appeals just as much to the eye as it does to the hand. You can mix and match different shapes to create your own look; their consultancy service also provides tailor-made pieces for a wide range of interior settings.

Angular Geometrics

There were many angular geometric shapes seen at the show in the form of pattern design, 3D furniture pieces and wall surfaces. The modern modular style had a strong, bold presence; it brings a futuristic and contemporary aesthetic to any interior space, especially when styled in bright pops of colour or monochromatic shades. The abstract shapes also conveniently provide space dividers in interior schemes; whether it is flooring tiles creating zoning areas or modular furniture pieces separating different sections of a room. We particularly liked Matthew Pope's product 'Addax'. Matthew won this year's New Designers award for his modular furniture piece which is designed for inner city living as it is adaptable for small spaces. The sections can be removed and the fabrics are customisable; giving consumers the freedom to design their own unique version.

Industrial Metallics

A range of mixed metallics proved a popular theme in lighting design showcased at the exhibition. Brass, bronze and warm metallics were favoured amongst concrete, steel and oxidised effects. A real rustic quality was contrasted with smooth, shiny surface finishes to create an intriguing mix of old and new. There was a strong presence of industrial craft and urban vintage qualities throughout product design and styling; we expect to see this theme become softer and more luxurious as we move forward into 2017 and beyond.

We particularly liked Dowsing & Reynolds because of the wonderful way you can create your own lighting styles. From the lightbulbs and shades right down to the cable, you can really unleash your creative side and design lighting fixtures that suits your interior perfectly.

Steve Moss, Focus SB's sales and marketing manager, commented: "It's always great to see people interacting with our products and this year's 100% Design provided the perfect forum. We were delighted with the feedback from our visitors - the Smoothie and our USB Sockets caused quite a buzz and there seemed to particular interest in our bronze and white metal finishes. Many of the visitors were thrilled that Focus SB products are made in Britain and enjoyed watching our video demonstration of how we make the difference. It was a pleasure to make a number of new connections; with such a positive response we are excited to announce we have reserved our position for 100% 2017".

Focus SB can tailor make accessories to meet your design needs with our unique bespoke service. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you finalise those all-important finishing touches to your interior.

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