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Combination Plates

Bespoke 'hotel style' combination plates give the flexibility to combine lighting and power elements in one electrical plate if required.

Specialists in designing for hotel interiors, we manufacture combination plates for commercial projects in the UK, China and internationally. High quality, beautifully finished front plates can be ordered to complement interior style and decor, whilst the options to combine international sockets in Euro grid plates, with module inserts including TV, data and ‘phone modules, gives versatility as to the final plate design and functionality. Custom wall boxes can be manufactured to suit, for ease of electrical installation.

Mix and match switch styles on one plate to suit your lighting requirements. For example, choose from standard rockers and toggles for simple on/off switching, combined with a retractive rocker, toggle or bell push for discreet momentary dimming functionality. Change the mood of an interior, without the need for complicated lighting control installations. Discover our Design and Finish Continuity service or explore our finishes.

For flexible lighting and power control choose bespoke face plates utilising both 13 amp and 5 amp round pin sockets. This popular option offers you greater flexibility to indulge in the table or free standing lamps of your choice, without having to use bulky adaptors.

  • Seamless integration of socket types.
  • Available across all our styles and finishes to suit the interior and match in with standard plates.
  • Custom wall boxes can be made to suit.

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